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Tourists are certain to be dashing to Muri to expertise the brand new thrill of skimming across the lagoon in the wonderful pedal powered vaka invented by the whirly fowl man. Again more finger pointing on the PM’s helpers. The letter from the PM to his Aussie counterpart about the Queensland floods has the PM saying “my government” and different people of the Cook Islands.” Why this reference to two separate groups? The expression of sympathy is from all of us. It’s just like the politicians are reinforcing the colonial hang-over of “them” and “us.” That angle has to go.

When requested by media the reply was the again road was excessive floor but the police stated move to high ground about his not move to the again highway. The High Com asked for the matter not to be put on radio. Locals know that much of the back road between Tupapa and Matavera is definitely under sea level. A tsunami generated by an earthquake and one generated by volcanic exercise or a volcano crashing into the sea, like Kiwi land’s White Island or Hawaii’s big volcano, are completely different. One travels underneath the ocean as energy and creates a wave close to shore.

Chooks, isn’t that what we now have now? Chairman Jim and his four Board members? Let them go for the following three years, scrub the rest. There are signs a twister or a giant water spout might have also struck Aitutaki on the top of the large blow! In some areas, the path of harm appears to suit the speculation for such a phenomenon. There are a quantity of new songs on the charts chooks.

Although the writer didn't put a field number on the envelope, the envelope has the name of the local clearly spelt on it and his name is within the local cellphone book. Our Post Office would have rung him up. Chooks Big Red has heard the taro jungle Tom, Toms pounding in the evening and alerts you to go to Avatiu harbour and look out to sea. Something shall be arriving if the Tom, Toms are right. How many spiritual sects are on the Rock chooks?

How quickly can the Director of Audit purchase his Chartered Accountancy qualification? The former head Shodown, accomplished his Chartered Accountancy qualification while on the job by way of the Australian Institute! And barking of the Aussie who heads our tourism corp, she was spotted the opposite day at a local eatery entertaining a visitor from an abroad government. Nothing mistaken with that however why was the dog there? Perhaps he was talking to the abroad visitor. How is it we have no official kennel for our high canine the Prime Minister?

The whisper from a certain outer island chooks is that the current TV programme, Turama, featuring the disabled man who was injured, will not be screened on that island’s TV. Seems someone from the island requested for a replica but the screening has been blocked. Big Red says overlook the roads chooks and overlook infrastructure issues that benefit no-one. Go for policies like rising the age for baby benefit from 12 to fifteen.

If Eve had not bitten that apple, things may have turned out differently. If Helen of Troy had not run off with another man, 1,000 ships needn't have been launched and a significant struggle could have been averted. If the English King had not married that American Simpson lady, English royalty might have turned out in a different way.

If not, then get rid of the lure. It’s a man-made merchandise not a naturally occurring construction so dismantle it and perhaps the tidal flow will enhance. Bob Sell (QSM-not queer sado-masochist) of Kii Kii at 93 not out reckons he’s the oldest surviving WWII veteran. He also sailed in convoys to Russia and the Mediterranean and whereas many ships around his have been sunk by U Boats his survived.

There’s a brand new theory concerning the star of Bethlehem chooks! Turns out it might have been Jupiter under the constellation Aries . The Ram is a vital Jewish symbol and Jupiter the planet which signifies important events. When Jupiter appeared within the night sky beneath the constellation Aries, to the Magi, it will have signified the start of a Jewish King. When they arrived in Jerusalem, King Herod’s wise men directed them to Bethlehem which had been predicted by the prophets as the birthplace of the Messiah.

What say we set the (non-refundable) yearly software license payment at US$1 million per boat! That’s low cost contemplating those distant foreigners make $2 billion a year from the Pacific fishery. The ‘maroro-tu’ is an annual event particularly within the Nga-pu-toru islands whereby the island community gets to share the flying fish that is obtainable in abundant numbers at the jetty. It is a standard view of the island community that it’s a blessing from God.

Time is ticking however not for very much longer. Already departed are Tini, Sholan and now Short but there’s wait! The next in line is a really huge fish so Big Red hears.

Word is out that Epati is being shunted sideways into the Cabinet Secretary’s job and former Justice lengthy timer Terry Hagan is being eyed up for the PSC job. In the past Terry was viewed as an ideal PSC to whip public servants into Click Here line. If Hagan doesn't take up the job, it seems Isamaela may be an excellent stand by to return in off the bench. As Cabinet Secretary, Epati would attend all navigate to this website conferences of the Cabinet.